I graduated from NAU (Kyiv), specializing in System Programming. Wrote a diploma in 1998 on the topic "Creating dynamic sites using Java and JavaScript", when the Java began to spread.

More than 10 years of work at different enterprises and firms: the head of the computer department, the programmer FoxPro-Delphi-Access-VB-ASP, the developer of sites, the administration of the Client-Bank system, SysAdmin, user support. The experience is large enough to navigate the market and form an opinion.

Always been in demand in IT, tried to explore the most promising technologies. But here as in WonderLand, to stay in place, you need to run from all the legs. Therefore, you have to study all the time and have some things open again.

Studied the basics of software testing at the QALight training center.

Finished Roman PUZAT courses on creation of information sites and earnings on them.

Ready to run a small site from start to finish or become an active member in a global project.

My recent works

Polymer products - bilingual adaptive e-store of manufacturer
Lending-page with a photo gallery for Real Estate Saler
LandingPage of Love-Return service with send orders to Telegram
Floors and coverings - Internet-shop with gallery and portfolio
Accountants Courses with adaptive theme WordPress
Website of company that providing educational services, in 3-language versions

My services

Web-sites building and support

Experience with HTML since 2000 let me feel free in borrowed code and сorrect it.

Remote assistance

I can connect via the Internet and fix problems in Windows or help with drivers.

Facebook page + Chat bot

For successful business social networks is most necessary.

Training and consultations ІТ

Since the student days, I had to give private lessons. Patience is my second name.

Administration and maintenance

Set up a router, install Windows, Linux, treat viruses, upgrade a laptop or computer.

Photo processing, pre-printing

With the advent of the mobile Internet, the speed of uploading photos plays a crucial role

Archiv of my works

Places of past glory

Screenshots of sites that are no longer available in the network

My skills and knowledge

I'll do all the work for you

In any task I'm trying to learn for myself more and grow in knowledge.

UnDelete - BackUP

Occasionally it is necessary to recover lost or mistakenly deleted data. Regular backups creation - the key to good sleep!

CMS eShops ePay eCall

Set up a site management system with a variety of tools - online store, payments, chat, calls. All in our power!

Adobe PhotoShop

Working with graphics, the ability to optimize and customize pictures, editing and converting formats is a very useful skill in working on an Internet project.

QA Jira Agile Bug-report

To conduct high-quality testing of a product of conventional IT knowledge is not enough, you need to think like a tester, have an unbearable patience and a little luck.

LAN IIS WiFi AntiVirus

I can administrate a small office, connect the Internet, configure workplaces and peripherals, provide protection.

TeamViewer RAdmin NetOP

Many issues and tasks of support servers and users can be solved in a short time without leaving my ofice, using the tools of remote access.


I'm good in SQL-requests and can make a simple selection of data, connecting DB to site is not difficult for me.


Writing technical documentation and manuals for end-users is one of the important components of a successful project and a quick entry into the leading positions.

Please contact me at any time.

You can contact me in any way convenient for you. Or just send a message through the contact form аnd I will answer a.s.a.p.

I would be grateful to my clients for any positive feedback.

Vodafone: +3831 44 2 44 66 0
Viber: +38 2405 360 360
Skype: RVorona